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(extract from Book III "Og'yre War" 2012)

Thomajun laid the thick volume flat on the table with the spine perpendicular to himself. Picking up the brass tube, he propped one end of it to lie on the book’s binding, the other slanting down to rest atop the table at about a forty-degree angle.

    “Pretend this tube represents the gravitational wave traveling through space. The angle of the tube represents the energy source, with its intrinsic momentum.” He rolled the tube with one hand along the edge of the book to illustrate the motion of the wave. “A very long time ago, the Ósir discovered a way to harness this energy as a means of transportation. We call it a Rolling Trans-dimensional Temporal Conduit, or just conduit for simplicity.”

    He then wrote the words “Terra” and “TNX-37B” on two slips of paper, placing the slip with the word Terra atop the book nearest to himself, and the slip with TNX-37B on the table more or less in line with the furthest edge of the volume.

            “Now watch this time as I roll the tube along with the palm of my hand. I’m going to drop a marble down one end at the same time our conduit is moving forward. Keep in mind, the marble represents the traveler.”

    Peter watched in fascination as the marble went in at Terra and popped out precisely at TNX-37B!

            “Perhaps a bit oversimplified, but I think you get the idea,” declared Thomajun. “Fortunately, these celestial waves tend to break in the same location for thousands of years before the pattern of the universe is altered sufficiently to displace them. Just as we can predict that waves will break on a particular beach at a particular time of the year, these waves break at more or less the same planetary location with the same regularity.

    “The waves, as you can see from my little demonstration, are fairly predictable, but it is actually an imprecise science. A variety of factors can alter the amplitude, frequency or even duration of the waves. A minor alteration can mean the difference between, say, opening the portal to you or your great-great-great grandfather.” He spread his hands apologetically.

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